As dad tried to protect 3-year-old, mom and boyfriend were filming torture

A Wichita police affidavit released Wednesday reveals recorded and timestamped abuse of 3-year-old Evan Brewer on March 12 – almost six months before his body was found wrapped in a Ninja Turtle sheet and encased in concrete. The family now believes the recording occurred about two months before the boy died.

The affidavit shows that Evan suffered as his father’s family tried repeatedly to get the Kansas Department for Children and Families, Wichita police and judges to intervene for the boy, says Brewer family spokeswoman Shayla Johnston.

Although some police and one judge did everything they could to help Evan, the rest of the child protection system failed the boy, Johnston said Thursday. She is an attorney and a cousin of Evan’s father, Carlo Brewer.

According to video images timestamped on March 12, Evan was being kept nude on a concrete floor surrounded by concrete walls, with a belt around his neck and his hands tied behind his back. Another video from later in the same day shows a child’s legs and buttocks. The child is wearing a heavy metal chain that appears connected to something off camera. Never miss a local story.

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