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Formerly homeless families portrayed in art display

Formerly homeless families portrayed in art display

Detroit — Nefertiti Frazier saw the fear in her children’s eyes as they watched her being choked on the floor.

A domestic abuse victim for years, she knew in that moment she must escape from the father of her three children.

“I thought I was going to die in front of my kids,” said Frazier, 34. “I stayed with him for years because I was trying to keep up the image of a perfect family.”

She left with her children and moved in with various family members before eventually ending up at the homeless shelter COTS in January 2015.

After five months at the shelter, and over a year in transitional housing, she finally moved into her own rental house in December. She had worked off and on for 16 years at a sandwich chain and was able to enroll in culinary school. She now works at a Midtown restaurant, cooking and waitressing.

“I’m so proud of her,” said Hannan House Cafe owner Ruth O’Quin, seated in the restaurant on a recent afternoon. “She’s a hard worker, catches on real quickly, and she earns all the tips because the customers love her.”Frazier’s journey from homelessness to the three-bedroom, two-bathroom house on Detroit’s east side […]

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