BREAKING NEWS: High-flying British barrister’s 23-year-old son is found GUILTY of raping a student as she slept at a luxury Manhattan apartment

George Fay (pictured) raped a woman as she slept in a luxury New York apartment The son of a British barrister has been found guilty of raping a university student as she slept at a luxury Manhattan apartment.

George Fay, 23, bowed his head and cried as the jury read out the verdict after just hours of deliberation.

He now faces up to 25 years in prison.

His QC father Michael, who sits as a deputy high court judge in the Caribbean, sat stony faced in the public gallery as did his mother Sofia, a public relations executive.

Fay had been accused of getting into bed with the 20-year-old victim after she had consensual sex with his friend who was asleep next to her.

The jury at New York’s Supreme Court did not believe his account that she woke him up and initiated sex.Fay had denied rape, sex abuse and a criminal sexual act while the victim was ‘physically incapable’ of giving consent.He was convicted on all three counts and was remanded in protective custody until his sentencing on February 27.Judge Melissa Jackson also said she wanted the Fay put on suicide watch.The two week trial included claims that Fay was driven by a […]

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