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Jurors to hear details on Virginia girl’s 2016 killing | The State

Jurors to hear details on Virginia girl's 2016 killing | The State

Two years after the killing of a 13-year-old girl, jurors in the murder trial of a former Virginia Tech student are expected to hear details of her death.

Opening statements are scheduled Tuesday afternoon in the trial of David Eisenhauer. The former engineering student is accused of stabbing Nicole Lovell and slitting her throat after she climbed out her bedroom window to meet him.

Prosecutors say Lovell and Eisenhauer had developed a relationship through Kik, an instant messaging app.

Natalie Keepers, also an engineering student at Virginia Tech, told police Eisenhauer claimed he met Lovell at a party and may have had sex with her, but could not remember because he blacked out. Never miss a local story.

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SUBSCRIBE NOW Keepers has been charged as an accessory and is scheduled to go on trial in September.

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