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Baby girl is raped, tortured and murdered after being snatched from her parents’ hotel room in Colombia

Baby girl is raped, tortured and murdered after being snatched from her parents' hotel room in Colombia

A man raped, tortured and murdered a 13-month-old baby girl he snatched from her parent’s hotel room before dumping her lifeless body in a water tank.

The parents of the unnamed child woke to find their daughter missing from their hotel room in the city of Florencia in the southern Colombian department of Caqueta.

They launched a desperate search for the baby and her tiny body was found shoved inside one of the hotel’s water tanks. The parents of a 13-month-old child woke to find her missing from their room in the El Bostezo hotel in the city of Florencia, Colombia. Her tiny body was found inside a water tank. Pictured: the child’s grandmother, Nelly Tique, addresses local press A man has been arrested by local police who refused to release his identity.

Police believe she was kidnapped, raped and killed by another guest staying at the El Bostezo hotel.

Hotel owner Jose Hernandez admitted the security guard in charge of the area had fallen asleep on duty.

Nelly Tique, the baby’s grandmother, is demanding justice for the family.Police have sent the baby’s body for an autopsy and Javier Navarro, head of police in Caqueta, said an arrest had been made but the investigation […]

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