Family claims West Valley City police officers broke down their door, harassed and assaulted them as they mourned the death of their infant son

After a family watched their 2-month-old son and grandson die at a hospital — possibly from a respiratory viral infection — West Valley City police broke into the family’s house in an “ego-driven” rage and terrorized them, the family says.

The incident occurred Feb. 24. On Friday, the family held a news conference to discuss the allegations and a potential lawsuit against West Valley City and the officers.

West Valley City has not named them, but the family’s attorney, Bob Sykes, identified them as officers Ben Christensen and George Martinez.

Sykes was planning to file his lawsuit Friday, but said West Valley City reached out, admitted some wrongdoing on behalf of the officers and asked to engage in mediation. Mediation is expected to occur next week.

According to a news release sent by Sykes, two police officers showed up at the family’s home about 15 minutes after they returned from the hospital where their infant son, Kameron Evans, had unexpectedly died that night. (Photo courtesy of the Estrada family) Kameron Evans was 2 months old when he died at a hospital Feb. 24 after experiencing respiratory issues. Hours after his death, and minutes after the grieving family returned home, two West Valley City […]

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