Lawsuit alleges harassment, retaliation by retired assistant sheriff

(John Gibbins/San Diego Union-Tribune/file photo) A woman who says she rejected sexual advances by a former assistant sheriff in charge of the county’s jails, then was demoted to a lesser job filed a lawsuit against the department and county.

Holly Adams-Fallone said that she was subjected to unwanted hugs, touches and sexually suggestive contact with Assistant Sheriff Richard Miller. She said she was also subjected to inappropriate sexual innuendo and that Miller would “leer” at her while she worked out in the department gym.

Miller retired from the department in March around the time the department was conducting an investigation into a complaint about him.

In the lawsuit, Adams-Fallone said she was working as a secretary in the Detention Service Bureau, and the harassment occurred when Miller was both a commander there and later assistant sheriff. She said she told two unidentified commanders about the harassment but did not file a formal complaint because she feared retaliation from Miller.

She also said neither of the commanders said her complaints should be reported to anyone else.

In September, she sought a transfer to a different position in the department to get away from Miller, she said. But she did not get that job, and she […]

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