‘Chief Apostle’ Of Infamous Religious Cult Was Killed In 2004, Body Parts Scattered Across New Britain, Court Records Reveal

Rudy Hannon, left, and Sorek Minery have been charged in the 2004 killing of Paul Sweetman, the self-proclaimed "chief apostle" of an infamous religious cult based in central Connecticut. (New Britain police) The self-proclaimed “chief apostle” of an infamous religious cult that attracted hundreds of followers in central Connecticut during the 1980s and ‘90s was killed in 2004 and his body parts scattered across New Britain , court records released Wednesday reveal.

Paul Sweetman once told state lawmakers considering legalizing same-sex civil unions that they risked the wrath of “Julius Christ,” a reference to the sect’s leader, Julius Schacknow, who was known as Brother Julius, described at the time as a Connecticut cult leader who parlayed his claims to divinity into a multimillion-dollar real estate empire that crumbled in the late 1980s.

Details of what authorities believe happened to Sweetman are in an arrest affidavit for Rudy Hannon, 72, who was charged by New Britain police Tuesday with murder in Sweetman’s death. On Wednesday, police also charged a Burlington man, Sorek Minery, with killing Sweetman. Minery is being held on $5 million bond.

According to the warrant, both men worked together in killing Sweetman, but each has pointed the finger at the […]

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