Harvey Weinstein scores another win after DA reveals NYPD detective told accuser to delete her cell before submitting as evidence, which could result in three more dropped charges

Harvey Weinstein could be getting an additional three counts dropped in the criminal case against him it was revealed on Wednesday.

In a letter to his lawyer Ben Brafman, Joan Illuzi-Orbon of the Manhattan District Attorney’s office has revealed that the lead detective in the case encouraged one of the two remaining complainants to delete information from her cell phone.

That woman claims the information had nothing to do with Weinstein and she did not follow through on Detective DiGaudio’s suggestion, but the information could be enough to get charges dismissed in the case.

Weinstein had been facing six charges, but one was dropped last week when it was revealed that Detective DiGaudio withheld information that was given to him by a witness.

In a statement to DailyMail.com, Lieutenant John Grimpel of the NYPD said: ‘The evidence against Mr. Weinstein is compelling and strong. The NYPD will continue its work with the prosecution to deliver justice for the courageous survivors who have bravely come forward.’

Scroll down for video Off the hook: Detective Nicholas DiGaudio (on right in May taking Weinstein into custody) told complainant two in the case to delete information from her cell phone according to the district attorney’s office Off the […]

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