Sexual Assault Claims Against Baptist Leader Paul Pressler Dismissed

ASSOCIATED PRESS A Texas judge has dismissed sexual assault charges against a revered Southern Baptist leader, citing the statute of limitations on the alleged abuse.

Harris County District Judge R.K. Sandill officially dismissed the abuse allegations against 88-year-old evangelical leader Paul Pressler on Monday, Baptist News Global, an independent Baptist news site, reported.

Gareld Duane Rollins Jr., a Houston man now in his early 50s, had claimed Pressler started sexually assaulting him in 1979 when he was 14 years old. The alleged assaults took place over the same time period that Pressler became a towering figure in the Southern Baptist Convention, spearheading a revival that pushed America’s largest Protestant denomination toward greater conservatism and stricter interpretations of the Bible.

Rollins claims the abuse lasted until 2004 and that the experience drove him to substance abuse and a criminal record as an adult. He claims he only realized the connection when he uncovered repressed memories during counseling sessions with a prison psychologist in 2015.

Pressler, a former justice on Texas’ 14th Court of Appeals, has denied all the allegations, Religion News Service reported .

Last October, Rollins filed a civil lawsuit against Pressler and several other individuals and organizations he claimed should have […]

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