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To the Editor: More than once, most recently on Oct. 16th, the Union Leader has violated the standard journalistic practice of not identifying victims of domestic violence when reporting on Sen. Jeff Woodburn’s criminal trial.

Yes, lots of people, including myself, already knew who the alleged victim is, and her name has been published in other media outlets. But printing her name unnecessarily in the Union Leader is a violation of her privacy, and it puts her at risk of being harassed and perhaps even of being further victimized.

In an Oct. 17 story on an unrelated topic, the Union Leader opted not to name a state trooper who shot and killed a man in Canaan in a bizarre and tragic December 2017 incident. The trooper was eventually exonerated, but his name was still published many times in the Union Leader and other media outlets.

I understand the rationale for not reprinting the name of the trooper who fired the fatal shots, especially at a time when there is so much tension between police officers and the general public. But, doesn’t a woman who is speaking out after being allegedly victimized by a powerful man also deserve […]

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