Tycoon ‘hit with piece of wood by brother-in-law in £10m feud’

Rift: furniture boss Tanju Yusuf (left) and brother-in-law Arif Ozerin A businessman claims he was beaten with a piece of wood on a factory floor in the midst of a £10 million row which has torn his wealthy family apart, the High Court heard.

Company boss Tanju Yusuf, 51, insists he is entitled to keep the entire fortune left to him when his furniture tycoon father Joe died in 2014.

But Mr Yusuf’s mother Sue, who uses a wheelchair, and architect sister Askin are demanding half a property portfolio which they value at £10 million.

It is claimed the feud descended into violence a few months before Joe’s death, in a confrontation at the family’s factory in Leyton between Mr Yusuf and his sister’s husband, Arif Ozerin, 50. Tanju Yusuf’s mother Sue and sister Askin Ozerin (Champion News) Mr Yusuf’s barrister, Hefin Rees QC, accused Mr Ozerin of “beating Tanju with a piece of factory wood” after a telephone conversation between the siblings. “You came at him and hit him several times… He was assaulted in plain sight of the entire staff,” he said. Mr Ozerin, an architect, denied being a “violent man” and told the court he had grabbed the wood […]

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