Most extreme fake pregnancies from the woman who killed her dog and used its blood to fake a miscarriage to the desperate wife who claimed gang stole baby from her womb

ARMED with a knife, Anita Parker butchered and disembowelled her husband’s Chihuahua puppy, then got into bed and waited for him to return home.

When he did, the scene was like something from a horror film – Anita was sitting on their bed, surrounded by blood and body tissue and screaming about having a miscarriage. ABC News 13 Anita Parker butchered and mutilated her husband’s pet Chihuahua Husband Johnny Parker listened in devastation as his 43-year-old wife told him that she’d lost their child, the little boy he’d seen in ultrasound scans and had been so looking forward to meet.

She claimed she’d flushed their son’s foetus down the toilet.

But disturbingly, Johnny would later discover Anita hadn’t lost a child at all – in fact, she’d never been pregnant and had used his beloved pet’s mutilated body to stage the miscarriage.

The case is among a series of shocking and tragic scenarios where women have pretended to be pregnant – often leaving their loved ones upset and grieving for a baby who never was. Justin and wife Hailey have come under fire over their fake pregnancy announcement This week, singer Justin Bieber and his wife Hailey have been hit by a […]

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