The Victim viewers in shock as man has his head caved in in the first ten minutes

THE VICTIM viewers were left horrified last night when a man got his head viciously caved in during the first 10 minutes of the first episode of the BBC One series.

Fans were not expecting the tense drama to kick off so quickly, and flocked to social media to share their shocked reaction to the scenes. Craig was attacked in the first 10 minutes of The Victim The show started with bus driver Craig returning home to a Halloween hoax from his wife and daughter, who were pretending to be dead as they hid in one of the darkened rooms.

After taking his daughter trick-or-treating, Craig is attacked on his doorstep – with somebody who is dressed in Halloween fancy dress posing as a trick-or-treater before grabbing Craig by the throat, hitting him, and repeatedly slamming the front door onto his head.

The attacker runs off into the night as the camera focuses on the blood splatter on Craig’s door frame, with it later being revealed that he was targeted after his name, picture and address were posted online by somebody claiming that he is a child killer .

Nine-year-old Liam Graham was murdered by Eddie J Turner, who was just 14 at […]

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