Ex-police officer found guilty of killing his parents in their Nampa home in 2017

After nine days of outlining the details in the brutal 2017 killings of two Nampa residents, attorneys offered their closing arguments Tuesday in the trial of William “Willie” Taylor, and the case went to the jury a little after noon.

By 4:30 p.m., the 50-year-old Taylor had been found guilty on all four counts he faced in the deaths of his father, Paul Robert Taylor, 76, and his mother, Mary Jane Taylor, 77, in September 2017.

The gruesome killings took place at the Nampa home where the victims and the suspect lived, in the 1900 block of West Flamingo Avenue. Police found the couple’s bodies wrapped in a tarp and stuffed in a shed next to their carport.

Taylor faced a charge of first-degree murder in Paul Taylor’s death and second-degree murder in Jane Taylor’s death, as well as two felony counts of failing to notify authorities about a death.

Autopsies of the bodies found that Jane suffered 21 wounds to her head and neck that were inflicted by at least two instruments, according to prosecutors. Paul had broken bones in his throat and blows to the skull. Both victims had blows to the head so severe that they created “baseball-sized” holes, authorities […]

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