Bethel PD: Two arrested in fight with machete, baseball bat

BETHEL — Two were arrested over the weekend after a fight police said involved a machete and baseball bat.

The “large” fight that broke out around 3:50 a.m. Saturday caused three officer to be called to Juniper Road, police said in a press release.

An officer saw Jeimy Mendez, 19, of Bethel, smashing the window of a black BMW with a baseball bat and intervened to stop her, police said. Officers also detained 27-year-old Rory Rodriguez-Nunez, of Bethel, who was waving a machete, according to police.

Rodriguez-Nunez is accused of swatting Mendez with the flat side of the machete, leaving a red mark on her hip, before police arrived, according to the release. This led Mendez to attack Rodriguez-Nunez’s windshield, police said.

Mendez was charged with criminal mischief in the third degree, while Rodriguez-Nunez was charged with beach of peace, assault in the third degree and possession of a dangerous weapon.

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