Jennifer Dulos case: Fotis using funds from Greece to pay lawyers

HARTFORD — In a blistering response, the attorney representing Gloria Farber in civil matters accused Fotis Dulos and his legal team of being on a “media road show,” purposely ignoring requests for information and downplaying his years of financial troubles.

Farber’s attorney, Richard Weinstein, also said Fotis Dulos claimed he did not know who was paying for his high-profile defense team, but the money was being sent from his native Greece.

Weinstein chided Fotis Dulos for not providing an accurate accounting of how his criminal defense attorney Norm Pattis and high-profile private investigator Patrick McKenna were being paid.

In a deposition this week for the lawsuits, Weinstein wrote in a motion filed Thursday that Fotis Dulos answered questions about the payment by saying, “he lacked knowledge as to who was paying for the criminal defense and private investigator, except that the funds were coming from Greece and being channeled through an attorney in New York, and paid over to Attorney Pattis,” Weinstein wrote.

Weinstein argued those records “should be produced as they are not privileged.”

Weinstein’s filing comes on the heels of heated arguments in criminal court on whether Pattis can address police leaks made to the media regarding the disappearance of his […]

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