Woman, 24, ‘banged on windows screaming for help’ as jealous lover put noose round her neck in three hour torture

A mum-of-one has told how she “banged on windows screaming for help” as her jealous boyfriend put a noose round her neck during a three-hour ordeal.

Vile brute Stefan Carr, 28, repeatedly punched terrified girlfriend Bethany Marchant, threatened her with a knife and vowed to drive a car into a reservoir drowning them both. Brave Bethany Marchant endured three hours of torture at the evil brute’s hands Credit: Facebook Violent thug Stefan Carr was caged for more than 11 years for the sickening abuse Credit: West Yorkshire Police On Monday he was jailed for 11 years and three months for the attack on Bethany and an earlier assault on a previous girlfriend.

Bethany has now spoken out about her ordeal to encourage others to seek help if they are in a violent relationship.

Bethany, 24, a dance teacher, and Stefan had been together for seven months.

It was the night Stefan, from Castleford, confessed to cheating on Bethany that “all the torture started”.

A heated argument turned into a sustained series of attacks on Bethany – which were caught on the CCTV at his home on May 5.

He was filmed pushing her from room to room and seen preparing a noose which he briefly hung Bethany from. Carr was captured on his own CCTV preparing a noose Credit: West Yorkshire Police She told the BBC : “I was banging on windows, screaming. Every time I’d scream, he’d put his fist in my throat…I couldn’t breathe.”He locked the door, took my phone off me, he […]

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