News 8 Editorial: October is Domestic Violence awareness month

Rich Graziano, VP and General Manager of WTNH News 8 and WCTX MyTV9 speaks about Domestic Violence.

(WTNH) — It’s hard to understand how anyone can batter or kill the person he or she loves. But it happens — often.

Every month in Connecticut, a person dies at the hands of someone they have been close to.

We’ve been reporting these stories for decades, and every one of them is a new heartbreak.

This became personal to me 10-years ago, when my Executive Assistant Alice Morin was murdered by her estranged husband while her children were home.

In August, the body of a Meriden mother, Perrie Mason , was found. Her former fiancé was arrested on domestic violence charges and is a prime suspect in her death.

In September, a Cheshire mother, Monica Dominguez , died from knife wounds. Her husband has been charged with murder.New Canaan mother Jennifer Dulos is still missing. Her estranged husband has been implicated.What a recent UN report said is true: Sometimes the most dangerous place for a woman is her own home.Yet the question is asked over and over: Why didn’t the woman just leave? Often the abused woman is in fact trying to leave when she is killed.October is Domestic Violence Awareness Month.Let’s be aware of the signs that someone might be getting bullied or beaten. You could save a life. If you, or someone you know, is in a domestic violence situation, you can get help. You are never alone. Reach out to these great Connecticut […]

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