Attorney for Jennifer Dulos’ mother renews call for info on how Norm Pattis is paid

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Attorney for Jennifer Dulos’ mother renews call for info on how Norm Pattis is paid

The attorney representing Gloria Farber in her $2.5 million lawsuits against Fotis Dulos and his company is asking a judge to reconsider his decision to quash a subpoena issued to criminal defense lawyer Norm Pattis.

Hartford Superior Court Judge Cesar Noble seemed to contradict himself in a ruling issued last week that said Pattis did not have to attend a deposition in the lawsuits or provide information on how he was being paid .

Noble had previously overruled a motion by attorney William Murray, representing Fotis Dulos in the lawsuits, arguing the information Farber was seeking from Pattis did not fall under attorney-client privilege and could be released . These are the headlines you Need to know for Wednesday, October 16, 2019. Pattis represents Fotis Dulos in the criminal charges filed against him in the disappearance of his estranged wife, who vanished on May 24.

Attorney Richard Weinstein, representing Jennifer Dulos’ mother in the lawsuits, has been trying to prove claims that Fotis Dulos transferred “substantial” sums of money to Greece from his real estate development company, Fore Group. In his new motion filed Tuesday, Weinstein requested Noble to reconsider his ruling on Pattis.

“The plaintiff (Farber) sought the information from Attorney Pattis to try to determine if the funds being used to pay the multiple lawyers representing (Fotis) Dulos, with yet now an additional lawyer in the foreclosure action, are funds of either or both of the defendants being funneled through a surrogate, or otherwise legitimate loans being advanced by third […]

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