Another underage Weinstein accuser comes forward

It looks like Harvey Weinstein has more trouble coming his way. (You remember Harvey, right? The guy who has done so much for women ?) Even as female accusers are lining up around the block, another one has broken her silence and joined the other women going after the disgraced producer and alleged rapist and pedophile. This woman was, unsurprisingly, a model and aspiring actress. But when she experienced her alleged assault at Weinstein’s hands she was only sixteen years old . (New York Times) At 16, the model moved to New York, leaving her hometown in Poland and her parents behind to chase dreams of becoming a Hollywood actress.

At a modeling event in 2002, the teenager, Kaja Sokola, met the famous movie producer Harvey Weinstein. He found out she was interested in acting and invited her to lunch a few days later. Excited and eager, she thought the man behind “Pulp Fiction” and “Shakespeare in Love” could open doors for her career.

But instead of taking her to lunch, Ms. Sokola says, Mr. Weinstein brought her to his New York apartment, forcing her to massage his penis and blocking the door when she tried to escape. One notable fact about this story has to do with the legal process allowing Sokola to move forward with this suit. New York State passes a lot of crazy laws and I regularly criticize the state government for that. But in this case, they seem to have gotten something right. This year they […]

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