400 pages of search warrants unsealed in Jennifer Dulos case

STAMFORD — More than 400 pages of documents detailing the evidence collection in the Jennifer Dulos homicide were unsealed on Wednesday.

The documents representing dozens of search warrants had been sealed since the start of the investigation into the May 24 disappearance of the New Canaan mother of five.

While the location of her body remains unknown, her estranged husband, Fotis Dulos, 52, his former girlfriend, Michelle Troconis, 45, and his close friend and former lawyer, Kent Mawhinney, 54, have been charged in connection with the homicide .

Defense attorney Norm Pattis, who is representing Fotis Dulos, said his office is reviewing the search warrants.

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“We are relieved to see the state police were listening to what we had to say,” Pattis said in a statement released Wednesday morning. “The state has dropped its theory that Mr. Dulos was motivated by animus regarding the divorce because it learned we were right — there was no such motive. I am stunned that police never asked to speak to Mr. Dulos. We may well have been able to persuade them to drop the case all together. We would have sat for an interview. We’re looking forward to the trial and will press for one as quickly as possible.”

According to arrest warrants, the defendants are accused of conspiring to hide evidence with Fotis Dulos carrying out a physical assault at his estranged wife’s home on May 24 that left her gravely wounded.In the arrest warrants, state Chief Medical Examiner James Gill said he concluded […]

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