AN NYPD officer and his fiancée allegedly mocked his young autistic son as the boy collapsed from the hypothermia he would soon die from.

Michael Valva and Angela Pollina taunted his 8-year-old son Thomas for being cold on the morning he died after locking him in a freezing garage overnight, prosecutors revealed Friday. Michael Valva allegedly mocked his 8-year-old son as he collapsed from hypothermia Credit: John Roca Little Thomas Valva died of hypothermia Friday, and investigators have ruled his death a homicide Credit: GoFundMe Thomas face-planted on the floor because he was hypothermic, according to Assistant District Attorney Laura Newcombe, who cited audio recordings grabbed from a home security system in the 40-year-old NYPD vet’s house.

In the recordings, Pollina can be heard asking Valva about why Thomas keeps falling.

“Do you know why he’s falling?” the 42-year-old asks.

“Because he’s cold. Boo f***ing hoo,” Valva callously replied, according to Newcombe.

Pollina apparently walked into the garage and asked him what he was doing, to which he replied: “I’m f***ing suffocating him that’s what I’m doing,” prosecutors said.

“Take your hands off his mouth. There are people everywhere,” Pollina allegedly said.Cops arrived at Valva’s home Long Island, New York at 9:40am Friday after the deranged dad reported that his son fell in the driveway while he was waiting for the school bus an hour earlier, the New York Post reported.”When officers arrived, Michael Valva was performing CPR on his son in the basement,” Newcombe told the courtroom. The 40-year-old NYPD veteran got angry and […]

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