An NYPD officer and his fiancée who allegedly starved and abused his autistic eight-year-old son taunted the child for being cold as he collapsed from hypothermia after being forced into an unheated garage overnight in ‘freezing temperatures.’

Micahel Valva, 40, and Angela Pollina, 42, attempted to emulate the Brady Bunch with their blended family – Valva’s three sons and Pollina’s three children- but that facade fell apart after little Thomas Valva died on January 17.

Valva’s initial story – that Thomas was trying to catch the school bus and died after falling in the driveway – quickly came apart as homicide detectives investigated the death.

During the ordeal, Valva is reportedly recorded saying ‘boo f**cking hoo’ and that he was ‘f**king suffocating’ the child,’ according to audio obtained by authorities from family surveillance footage at the couple’s home.

The couple was arrested at their Long Island home for second-degree murder on Friday by Suffolk County officers. Protective services ignored complaints that NYPD officer Michael Valva (left) and Angela Pollina (right) made his sons sleep in the garage The tragic incident began when Valva became enraged with Thomas and proceeded to beat the child before banishing the boy to the family’s frigid garage when temperatures were a bitter 19 degrees that night.

The following morning, Thomas was so cold that he was ‘face-planting’ on the floor because his body had gone into hypothermia, according to Assistant District Attorney Laura Newcombe who cited extensive audio recording’s taken from home security footage.

Nearly every room was set up […]

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