New Chief State’s Attorney talks Dulos case and hot button topics

ROCKY HILL — There’s a new Chief State’s Attorney in town. Richard Colangelo was appointed on January 30 by the Criminal Justice Commission.

Governor Lamont says he’s looking forward to working with him. He takes over for Kevin Kane who retired. Colangelo is now tasked with overseeing all 13 state’s attorneys.

Colangelo told FOX61, over the next several weeks, he plans to visit all the state’s attorneys to see what they need and how they can better allocate resources. Colangelo sat down with FOX61 and delivered direct and pointed answers on a variety of hot button topics.

Matt Caron:

Tell us about you. Who is Richard Colangelo and what is your brand of justice?

Richard Colangelo:

“The way that I’ve done my job as a prosecutor throughout the years is just to make sure I do the right thing.”M:When you were promoted to this post, you were leading the prosecution on the one of the most high profile cases Connecticut has ever seen. The Dulos murder case. How will your involvement in the case change and how will a new lead prosecutor be selected?R:“Right now I’m still acting states attorney in Stamford so I guess I’m still leading the charge there. I don’t think I’ll be able to continue that. Once the new states attorney is appointed I will have a conversation with whoever that person is to talk about the case. There are members of the office who are very familiar with the case just like I was.”M:In your opinion, can we have a […]

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