The Oscars go epic: Predictions for the 2020 Academy Awards

The Oscars will be awarded on February 9 (February 10 at 3 a.m. in Israel) and will be broadcast live on YES. This year, there was much more discussion about the lack of diversity among the Oscar nominees than about the quality of the movies. But most of us are more concerned about how good a movie is than about the gender/race/nationality of its creators. We’re also concerned about convenience, which is partly why Netflix has become so popular, with its movies receiving 24 nominations, more than for any other studio.While streaming is a trend that seems likely to continue, the movie industry tends to be culturally conservative, if politically liberal. The prospect of movie theaters closing if moviegoers choose to view films at home is a scary prospect, and they tend to favor movies that work best on the big screen. Best Picture : In a nine-way race with a preferential ballot, it’s hard to call. So let’s save ourselves some trouble by looking only at the five films whose directors got a Best Director nod. Martin Scorsese’s The Irishma n was on Netflix, which is a negative for much of the film industry. Todd Phillips’ Joker is too cynical and dark for a body that likes uplifting films. Ditto for Parasite , and no film that was not in English has ever won. So it’s between 1917 and Once Upon a Time… in Hollywood . Once Upon a Time is clever and satiric, but has a disturbing […]

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