Just an hour after a New York jury found Harvey Weinstein guilty of rape , Manhattan District Attorney Cy Vance was at the podium, heaping praise on the women who testified and proclaiming the start of a “new day” for survivors of sexual assault in America.

“Words can’t adequately describe the sacrifices the survivors made to pursue justice,” he said. “Weinstein… did everything he could to silence the survivors, but they refused to be silenced. They spoke from their hearts and they were heard.”

But at least one survivor wasn’t impressed. Standing outside the courthouse, model Ambra Gutierrez reminded reporters how she had reported Weinstein to the New York Police Department in 2015, and even participated in a sting operation , only to have her case dropped by Vance’s office. To this day, she said, the D.A. has not apologized.

“I would love to have approached [Vance] one-to-one and see what he has to say,” she told The Daily Beast in a call on Tuesday. “Because I feel like even the fact of not including me in this trial, it was very surprising for me.”

“It’s making me ask a lot of questions,” she added. “I still want an answer.”

At just 22, Gutierrez was one of the only women to report Weinstein to authorities, telling police that he groped her breast and reached up her skirt during a meeting in his Tribeca office. In the ensuing sting operation, she recorded Weinstein admitting to the act and claiming that he was “just used to […]

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