Murder case against Fotis Dulos dropped after his death, against wishes of defense

Fotis Dulos was arraigned on murder and kidnapping charges in Stamford, Connecticut, on Jan. 8, 2020. A Connecticut judge decided Tuesday to drop the murder and kidnapping case against the late Fotis Dulos over the objections of his attorney, who said he wished to pursue a trial to prove that his client did not kill his estranged wife.

Dulos, a Connecticut real estate developer, died Jan. 30 at a New York City hospital two days after attempting suicide at his home in Farmington, where he was on house arrest .

Earlier that month, Dulos, 52, had been arrested and charged with capital murder , murder and kidnapping in connection with the disappearance in May of his wife, Jennifer Dulos, whose body has never been found. He pleaded not guilty.

The Duloses, who had five children together, were in a contentious and drawn-out divorce and child custody battle when she disappeared in May. Jennifer Dulos in a family photo.Courtesy Carrie Luft Chief State’s Attorney Richard Colangelo had asked the judge to drop the case against Dulos because he is dead. But Dulos’ attorney, Norm Pattis, argued that Dulos’ estate has the right to clear his name at a trial.

He said he wanted to pursue an appeal through probate court in the name of Dulos’ estate, whose permission he would seek to take on the appeal.

“Mr. Dulos’ memory remains stained by these scandalous accusations, and we’d like a chance to raise them in an open court. Whether we get that chance is an open […]

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