Hachette cancels plan to publish Woody Allen memoir

Hachette has dropped plans to publish a memoir by Woody Allen , the Oscar-winning film director who has been accused of sexually abusing his daughter.

“We take our relationships with authors very seriously, and do not cancel books lightly,” the publishing company said in a statement.

Allen, 84, denies the accusations by his daughter Dylan Farrow, which were the subject of two investigations. The director was never charged.

This week, Hachette announced publication of Allen’s memoir, Apropos of Nothing , scheduled for April. Ronan Farrow condemns his publisher over Woody Allen memoir

Read more That prompted controversy including statements by Dylan Farrow and her brother Ronan Farrow , a journalist whose work has documented alleged sexual abuse by powerful men and fuelled the #MeToo movement and who is published by Hachette.

On Thursday, staff at Hachette’s New York office staged a walkout .

“The biggest complaint,” a staff member speaking on condition of anonymity told Refinery 29 , “is that we feel strongly about everyone’s right to tell their own story, but we don’t agree with giving Woody Allen a platform with which to tell it that includes distribution, marketing, publicity.“I think we feel he does not deserve a platform, that by publishing him we are in some way validating his story.”Senior figures at Hachette, including Ronan Farrow’s editor, voiced their support.The employee added: “A few people who I would say work with the parties involved met up and discussed and talked person to person and passed out papers. We had a town hall […]

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