Dad finds bodies of wife, 32, and son, 3, after ‘she hanged tot then took her own life’

A DAD found his wife and three-year-old son hanged after she allegedly killed the child then took his own life.

Irina Golubeva, 32, was found hanging next to her toddler son in the south-central Russian city of Krasnoyarsk. Cops are investigating after Irina allegedly hanged her three-year-old son before taking her own life Credit: CEN/Irina Golubeva Cops have yet to find a motive for the deaths Credit: CEN/Irina Golubeva The toddler’s dad, who lives apart from the mum, found them dead after could not get in touch with Irina and feared something was wrong.

He went to their flat but nobody answered when he rang the bell.

The emergency services were called and the door was forced open to reveal the dead bodies of mother and son.

The 32-year-old mum reportedly hanged her son before taking her own life.

A police investigation has been launched and as of yet no motive has been provided for the alleged suicides.

Irina’s neighbours told reporters she was a loving mother.A worker from a local shop said: “She used to buy him anything he wanted – any toys or sweets.”It was a very good family. I don’t know why they separated with the boy’s father but they kept sweet and calm relations.”The news comes as a mother from hell reenacted the moment she murdered her toddler daughter by stuffing bread in her mouth as punishment for throwing food on the floor during a meal at home in Omsk, Russia.Svetlana Mirzoeva, 28, admitted murder and was jailed for 11 years […]

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