Harvey Weinstein ‘miserable’ at Rikers, feeling ‘humbled’

Harvey Weinstein ‘miserable’ at Rikers, feeling ‘humbled’

If you paid any attention to the trial last month, you probably saw that Harvey Weinstein came to court each day using a walker. There was some speculation that his was a play for sympathy and not a legitimate necessity. In any case, Weinstein was convicted on two counts nearly two weeks ago. The NY Times reports this detail about his first moments as a convict : As the jury read the verdict, Mr. Weinstein said several times to his lawyers, “But I’m innocent.” A few hours later, he was hospitalized with chest pains. After leaving the courthouse, Weinstein’s ambulance was diverted from Rikers Island to Bellevue hospital : The ambulance carrying Weinstein to Rikers on Monday was diverted to Bellevue Hospital due to heart palpitations and high blood pressure, his attorney Donna Rotunno said.

Weinstein remained in Bellevue’s prison ward Tuesday morning, the hospital said…

There is no update on when Weinstein will go to Rikers. He is very secure but is not handcuffed to the bed, according to Aidala. Weinstein has family with him, Aidala said. This again was seen by some as an attempt to stay out of Rikers. A photo of him watching television at Bellevue made news last week: #HarveyWeinstein watching #supertuesday2020 results chilling in Bellevue Hospital instead of serving time behind bars on Riker’s Island. Let’s see, can he milk it till March 11 when he is sentenced for being a rapist? pic.twitter.com/weunExnyfU

— Barbara Malmet (@B52Malmet) March 4, 2020 But it appears that Weinstein’s […]

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