Woman ‘came to expect’ unwanted kisses and being touched by Alex Salmond, court told

A senior official in the Scottish Government said she “came to expect” being inappropriately touched and receiving “sloppy” kisses from Alex Salmond .

The former first minister of Scotland is on trial at the High Court in Edinburgh over accusations of sexual assault.

The prosecution witness, known as Woman A, claims the 65-year-old sexually assaulted her in Glasgow between June and July 2008.

One charge alleges he kissed her on the mouth and touched her buttocks and breast over her clothing on several occasions in Glasgow between June and July 2008.

She told the court she did not want such contact with him but did not know what would happen to her if she told the “most powerful man in the country” to stop. Alex Salmond was Scottish First Minister (PA) Appearing behind a grey screen, she said: “I came to expect something like that to happen during my days with him during that time.

“There was no need to be that physically close. There was no need to move his hand.

“There was no need for that to happen without him meaning to do it.”She added: “At times he would move his hand on my back and move his hands so they were on the side of my chest or they were on my back.”The alleged incidents regarding touching were said to have happened up to five times.Jurors were told Salmond would put pressure on her shoulders so she could not move her lips away from being kissed when being greeted, said to have […]

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