‘Suicidal’ Harvey Weinstein told ‘he belongs in hell’ by brother Bob after claiming he was sexually abused as a boy

HARVEY Weinstein claimed to be “suicidal” after his three oldest daughters abandoned him and his brother Bob told him to “rot in hell,” claim court documents.

The convicted rapist also suggested that he had also been a victim of abuse himself as a child in filings that were unsealed tWo days before he was sentenced to 23 years in prison. Bob Weinstein told his brother that he belonged in hell in an email Credit: Reuters Weinstein was sentenced to 23 years in prison on Wednesday (above in court) Credit: Reuters These new revelations were detailed in the hundreds of pages of court documents that were unsealed in Harvey’s criminal case and obtained by The Sun.

Harvey is currently being held at Bellevue Hospital after being sentenced on Wednesday, having complained of heart problems.

The disgraced mogul, 63, had a stent inserted last week ahead of his sentencing hearing.

A jury found him guilty on two of the six counts he was facing in his trial – criminal sexual assault and rape in the third degree.

In one of the filings, Harvey’s legal team included correspondence that might have emerged in court during the trial but could not because of the fact that they were filed under seal.

This included a statement that Weinstein had worked on in December 2017 with Stirick and Company, his crisis PR firm.The statement was never released, but his comments were jarring in that they presented him as the victim in the case.“Three months ago I could never say the following […]

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