Homeless man charged with homicide after woman found dead in Homewood home

A homeless Pittsburgh man was accused of killing his girlfriend after her body was found in an abandoned Homewood home, court documents show.

James Wilson, 34, was charged with criminal homicide after telling police he killed Brittany Alker, who was found dead inside a closet Thursday.

According to a police affidavit, Wilson told police he and Ms. Alker were dating for years. They had entered a boarded-up home in the 7000 block of Forrest Way to have sex.

After they finished, the affidavit reads, Wilson asked Ms. Alker if she was having sex with other men. She said yes, she’d been having sex with numerous men, some of whom Wilson was not aware of.

This information put Wilson in a “rage,” the affidavit says.

Wilson told Ms. Alker to take off all of her clothes, turn around and face away from him, according to the affidavit. Once she was naked, he told her to lie face down on the floor. He then removed his belt, wrapped it around her neck and pulled on the belt until Ms. Alker stopped moving.

The affidavit says Wilson then presumed Ms. Alker was dead. He proceeded to stomp on her head and gouge her eyes. He then placed Ms. Alker’s body and all of her clothes in a closet in the same room.He left the house and called 911, the criminal complaint says. Responding officers met an “anxious” Wilson in the 7000 block of Frankstown Avenue and he was transported to Shadyside Hospital after he requested medical attention.When the […]

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