Leticia Stauch ‘murdered stepson Gannon, hid his body and then reported him missing’ claim court docs

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Stepmom ‘who abused and murdered Gannon Stauch’ served time after arrests for battery, domestic abuse and theft

GANNON Stauch was reported missing by his alleged murderer shortly after she killed the 11-year-old boy, claim court documents.

Authorities now believe that Leticia murdered Gannon on January 27, and then worked to hide his body before claiming her had disappeared when she called law enforcement officials later that same day. Court documents claim that Letetcia Stauch murdered Gannon ion the same day she reported him missing. Credit: Facebook The Sun has obtained a copy of the complaint that was filed in the case, and while the details of the murder are currently under seal the date of each crime is revealed in the filings.

Michael Allen, the Senior Deputy District Attorney for El Paso County, states in his complaint that all four crimes with which Leticia is changed took place on January 27.

This includes the boy’s murder, the incident of child abuse that resulted in his death, the tampering of a deceased body and the tampering with physical evidence that occured when Leticia allegedly hid her victim’s body.

The Sun has also learned that prosecutors have not ruled seeking out the death penalty in this case.

Leticia is currently in a Colorado prison ahead of heer trial, and has been designated as an inmate who might possibly harm herself behind bars.

As a result, she has been outfitted in the bright yellow prison jumpsuit, making her easy to identify when with the prison population.Letecia was in court for the first time to be arraigned for the murder of Gannon, and drew the ire […]

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