Partner of Pc Andrew Harper ‘urged him to stay in patrol car seconds before he was dragged off’

Pc Andrew Harper with his wife Lissie ( PA ) The partner of Pc Andrew Harper urged him not to confront thieves on foot in the moments before the tragic officer was dragged away by a speeding car, the Old Bailey heard today.

Pc Andrew Shaw had just finished a shift with Pc Harper when they responded to reports of a burglary, coming face-to-face with the culprits’ car on a country lane.

The Thames Valley Police officer told jurors this morning he saw Pc Harper, 28, get out of their car and chase after the thieves, in an apparent attempt to arrest at least one of them.

Pc Shaw said he had told his colleague “not to” leave the car during the dramatic stand-off, as the thieves’ vehicle, a SEAT Toledo, squeezed past them on the narrow lane in a bid to escape. PC Andrew Shaw, who worked with PC Andrew Harper (PA) “Back in the day, 20 years ago, we used to have a saying — don’t get out of the car. If you get out of the car, you risk being run over”, he said. “You also reduce your car’s effectiveness by 50 per cent if it turned into a pursuit, because you have to stop for Pc Harper to get back in.”

The officers had already been “stood down” from duty and were driving back to base when they heard reports of “burglary in progress, men in masks” and Pc Harper answered the call.

Henry Long, 18, and two 17-year-old boys […]

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