Prosecutors: Fargo man killed ex-girlfriend because she reported to police that he raped her

Sheldon Davis appears at his felony dispositional hearing on Thursday, March 12, at the Cass County Courthouse in Fargo. He faces murder and arson charges in connection to Denise Anderson’s death. Alyssa Goelzer / The Forum FARGO — Cass County prosecutors plan to present evidence that claim a Fargo man allegedly killed his ex-girlfriend because he feared accusations that he raped her would send him to jail, according to court documents.

A brief filed March 6 asks Judge Tristan Van de Streek to allow reports that Sheldon George Davis sexually assaulted, physically abused and stalked 52-year-old Denise Anderson in the weeks leading up to her death last summer. The 31-page document mentions statements allegedly made by Davis to potential witnesses, including he wanted to buy a gun, he didn’t want to go to jail for allegedly raping Anderson and he talked about burning his apartment down a week before Anderson’s death.

One potential witness is expected to testify that Davis told Anderson numerous times he would “wreck her life and kill her,” according to the brief.

“Anderson’s three police reports against the defendant shortly before her death — and more importantly, the defendant’s knowledge that he was under investigation as a result of these reports — is strongly probative of the defendant’s motive to kill Anderson,” the brief said. “With a police investigation looming — and knowing that Anderson was the complainant and key witness — the defendant decided to silence her.”


Davis, who is being held on a $1 million […]

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