Discovery of Evelyn Mae Boswell’s remains in an empty outhouse ‘could lead police to her killer’

INVESTIGATORS say the discovery of Evelyn Mae Boswell’s body in Tennessee last week may lead police to the toddler’s killer.

A body surrounded by toys and clothes was found in a building on a property off Muddy Creek Road in Sullivan County last Friday, and it was confirmed to be Evelyn by Tennessee police on Wednesday. The body of Evelyn Mae Boswell was discovered last week Credit: AP:Associated Press Remains were found in a home on Muddy Creek Road in Sullivan County Credit: AP:Associated Press Court documents indicate that the property is owned by Evelyn’s maternal grandfather, Tommy Boswell Sr.

Now, investigators say they hope the heartbreaking find will finally give some answers surrounding the child’s disappearance.

“It’s just almost too much to take in,” Fox Nation host and former prosecutor Nancy Grace said on her show Crime Stories on Friday.

The little girl was wearing the “exact clothing” her mother Megan Boswell, 18, said her daughter was in when she went missing, cops said.

Other clothing, diapers and toys that would have belonged to the child were also found on the property.

The discovery may help police pin down the killer, Joseph Scott Morgan, Distinguished Scholar of Applied Forensics at Jacksonville State University told Crime Stories.”We can learn, fortunately, a lot about the nature of the person that did this,” Morgan said, “because it goes to this idea of callousness that you could take this fragile little creature and that you could do this.”Grace added that the location of the body, specifically, can provide […]

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