Gannon Stauch’s dad will testify against ‘killer’ wife Letecia at murder trial – as will her own daughter

THE father of missing Colorado boy Gannon Stauch will testify against his wife during his son’s upcoming murder trial.

Gannon’s dad, Al Stauch, will join Gannon’s mother Landen Hoitt and his younger sister Laina Stauch as some of the 316 witnesses identified in court documents, along with the daughter of Gannon’s accused killer, Letecia Stauch. Laina Stauch will testify as a witness Credit: El Paso Sheriff’s Office Albert Stauch pictured here mourning with Gannon’s birth mother Landen Hiott Credit: AP:Associated Press Letecia Stauch makes her first appearance in El Paso County District Court in Colorado Springs, Colo., Wednesday, March 11 Credit: AP:Associated Press Letecia is charged with Gannon’s murder Credit: AP:Associated Press The names in the witness list fill over 20 pages in the filing submitted by prosecutors in an El Paso County courtroom last week.

Letecia, 36, has been charged with Murder in the first degree, child abuse resulting in death, tampering with a deceased human body, and tampering with physical evidence.

Authorities now believe that Letecia murdered Gannon on January 27, and then worked to hide his body before claiming her had disappeared when she called law enforcement officials later that same day.

Little is know for sure yet though because most of the court records cannot be accessed by the public.

The witness list is one of the few documents in the case that has not been kept under seal.

Most of the witnesses are with one of the myriad of law enforcement agencies that worked together or solve the case and […]

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