Police officer pleaded with Pc Andrew Harper to ‘stay with me’ as he fought to save his life, court hears

PC Andrew Harper was killed in August last year A police officer pleaded with Pc Andrew Harper to “stay with me” as he fought desperately to save his life, a court has heard.

The 28-year-old had been responding to an emergency call in Berkshire last August when he was dragged behind a car and killed.

Pc Nick Kluger, a Thames Valley firearms officer, described “an immense sense of dread and an urgency” when he heard that an officer was down.

In a statement read out in Old Bailey, he said that officers used first aid techniques to try and keep Pc Harper alive. Screengrab from Thames Valley Police video showing a quad bike attached to a Seat which was stopped by PC Harper (PA) As he and members from Thames Valley and the Ministry of Defence Police got out a defibrillator, he “said something like ‘Stay with me, buddy, the ambulance will be here soon and they’ll sort you out’.”

He had a “feeling of elation” when he saw a paramedic arrive, but this quickly disappeared when he saw the expression on the emergency worker’s face, the court heard.

Paramedic Chris Darley said Pc Harper’s injuries were “incompatible with life”. Court sketch of Henry Long, 18, sitting next to a dock officer at the Old Bailey (PA) His statement read: “I felt it was unfair to continue with CPR after what Pc Harper had been through.”

Another officer told the court that Pc Harper’s body was seen “tumbling” in the road.Police Constable Andy Kemp said […]

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