Alleged sex-harass surgeon gets gig at hospital employing other accused docs

Dr. Brian Gilchrist NYU Winthrop A surgeon accused of harassing female underlings at a Bronx hospital is now operating at Richmond University Medical Center on Staten Island, where two other doctors have faced sexual harassment allegations.

Dr. Brian Gilchrist, a pediatric surgeon, was granted privileges at the hospital, despite being sued by two former residents at Bronx-Lebanon Hospital who say they were fired for exposing his conduct, which included sending one of the residents a towel-clad selfie.

Gilchrist was hired as chief of pediatric surgery at NYU Winthrop Hospital on Long Island but left that hospital last year after The Post reported on lewd Bronx-Lebanon allegations.

“The lawsuits against me have nothing to do with my clinical or surgical abilities. And they are only allegations which are being vigorously defended by my prior hospital’s lawyers and mine,” Gilchrist said.

At Richmond University, Gilchrist joins Dr. Mark Sherman who was accused in a 2013 lawsuit of sending a photo of his penis to Wandalee Arena, a 9/11 widow who was once the orthopedist’s patient.

The lawsuit was settled for an undisclosed amount. Sherman, who is head of orthopedic surgery, did not return a request for comment. Dr. Joseph Motta, the head of urology, is facing a lawsuit by Danielle Bonamo, a former employee at his private practice who alleges the doctor “forcefully grabbed her, and stuck his tongue in her mouth” in the office lunchroom.

Motta’s lawyer, Anthony Mango, said his client denied the allegations.“We are aware of the past lawsuits and allegations,” said hospital spokesman […]

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