Double Murder-Suicide: Man, Children Died From Hanging, Police Say

The home where the two children and their father were found hanging in a garage. As police continue investigating what drove a Fairfield County father to kill his two small children and himself, the Medical Examiner’s Office said all three died from hanging.

Sister and brother, Gessell Moncada, 5, Jesus Moncada, 4, along with their father, Yimi Moncada, 27, all of Norwalk, were found on Monday, March 23, hanging in the garage on a property owned by a family member after police had been attempting to locate the two children for more than a day, said Lt. Jared Zwickler of the Norwalk Police.

According to Zwickler, Norwalk Police received a call around 11 p.m., on Sunday, March 22, reporting the children had not been returned to their mother following a visit with their father, in violation of a custody agreement.

The children were supposed to be returned at 8 p.m on Sunday. The caller received a text message from Moncada around 8 p.m., saying he would bring them home, but he never returned the children, Zwickler said.

Officers made contact with Moncada’s mother who saw the children at around 7:40 p.m when her son was supposedly bringing the children to their mother.

Officers attempted to contact Moncada by phone, but attempts went directly to voicemail, Zwickler said.

“At that time there was no additional information to believe the children were in harm, nor were any other locations given for officers to check,” Zwickler said.Officers placed Gesselle, Jesus, Yimi, and the vehicle in a national database […]

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