OK, honesty time. How much are you really drinking in these lockdown days? Early on in our confinement there were studies claiming that one person in three was drinking less often than usual, but I can’t say I’ve come across them.

Most of us who drink regularly are still doing so. Some are drinking more. Dry nights have never been part of my vocabulary and they’re not about to join it now.

Evenings are for a glass of wine, sometimes two, maybe more. It’s something I look forward to. That first glass in the evening is an instant and very welcome stress-reliever, and never more so than now after a day of juggling working from home with the queue at the post office.

A long-awaited case of rosé arrived yesterday. In my book rosé spells heat, gardens, long lunches, friends. Summer in a bottle. Not quite the situation right now, but some cause for cheer at least as I confront the weeks ahead of glorious long, light evenings in relative isolation.

Standing in the same kitchen, at the same time, doing the same things as the night before, it might seem like we are drinking more. But with usual social activity out of bounds, the good news is that many of us are probably drinking less than we might think.

Generally, at least three or four nights a week, David (who is a non-drinker) and I would have supper at home. I pour a glass when I’m cooking and then drink some more throughout […]

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