“Not one step has advanced in this case,” attorney Jon Schoenhorn said.

Her new, second attorney, now three months on the job says even before COVID-19 shuttered Connecticut’s courts, his demand for discovery has fallen flat.

“I’m told it’s locked up in Stamford Superior Court in the state’s attorney office but from my perspective that doesn’t mean that there are copies at the police don’t have,” Schoenhorn said.

At the center of her three arrest warrants and numerous search warrants, state police describe recorded interviews with Troconis, DNA evidence, surveillance video and information downloaded from her cellphone. Shoenhorn says there’s likely hundreds of additional witness statements and investigative police reports.

“I believe that that her statements in the police interrogation were twisted in a way that’s not either what she meant or in fact said I just don’t know,” Schoenhorn said.

It’s the way police initially met with his client the night before her first arrest last June that’s got him particularly concerned. According to court documents, investigators secured a warrant to obtain full body photographs of Troconis but Schoenhorn says his client was strip searched, down to her undergarments, the photographs taken, he says are nowhere to be found and have never been entered into evidence.

“I believe it was done to place her in a vulnerable situation to interrogate somebody naked and to make them feel small to soften them up for interrogation,” Schoenhorn said.State police telling us this week it is standard operating procedure in murder and serious injury cases, to search […]

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