Domestic violence (Illustrative) A 21-year-old man from Ramat Gan reportedly confessed to the murder of his girlfriend after being arrested on Saturday night and will face a hearing in the Tel Aviv Magistrate Court, where the police will request to lengthen his arrest.The man allegedly murdered his 22-year-old girlfriend, Maya Vishniyak, from Oranit in the Samaria region and lightly injured his 50-year-old mother. The girlfriend’s body was found unconscious with clear signs of strangulation. His mother, who was in the same apartment, was conscious with stab marks on her hands and strangulation marks around her throat. She was evacuated for treatment in the nearest hospital by Magen David Adom (MDA).The mother was reportedly out of the apartment when the 21-year-old murdered his girlfriend during an argument. When she got home, he told her, “Mom, come look” and brought her to his room.When she saw the body, he strangled her from behind in a fit of rage. She reportedly begged for her life, but her son then proceeded to stab her hand and continue to strangle her. When she kept asking him to stop, he eventually let go.The mother immediately called the police as the suspect ran away. He was caught by police near the crime scene. Forensic teams immediately came to inspect the scene.The suspect was allegedly very confused throughout his entire investigation with the police on Sunday, but confessed nonetheless to the murder. He told them that the voices in his head told him to do so. He […]

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