SATOSHI Uematsu coldly admitted “I did it” as he handed himself in after slitting the throats of 19 sleeping disabled patients at the care home where he used to work.

The 26-year-old walked into the police station in Sagamihara, Japan , with a bag of blood stained tools after committing one of the worst crimes in living memory. Satoshi Uematsu in the back seat of a police car as he arrives at the prosecutor’s office in Yokohama on July 27, 2016 Credit: AFP It was a massacre motivated by hate as Uematsu did not believe disabled people deserved to live.

He had worked at Tsukui Lily Garden care centre for three years before quitting his job in February 2016 amid a festering disdain for the vulnerable.

And then four months later on July 26 he committed the atrocity, telling the police officers disabled people deserved to “disappear” as they cuffed him.

The killer had not kept his beliefs to himself either – even telling colleagues at the facility those in his care deserved to die.

Just a few months earlier he had written a letter outlining his belief that disabled people should be euthanised to a prominent politician.

He said the disabled should be killed for the “sake of Japan and the world” – spitting vile rehetoric that they only “created unhappiness” and “burdened” their families.Shockingly, Uematsu even volunteered to do the deed himself in the letter – promising to break into a care home and butcher 460 patients before turning himself in.He even signed […]

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