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Joel Drain walked out of his cell and downstairs in the Warren Correctional Institution. He covered the blood on his shirt by putting on a green hoodie. Drain, 38, greeted a friend and told him he had just smoked synthetic marijuana, even though he had not.

Drain later told investigators he said this because he looked crazy – and he had just killed someone. As he walked by other inmates in his unit, an officer noticed blood on the stairs. This officer followed the blood upstairs, where he found a bloody footprint.

He followed the blood to Drain’s cell, number 215, and called for backup when he got there. Another officer arrived and unlocked the door, where a window had been covered to block the view of what was inside.

Once opened, officers saw a room in disarray. They saw an inmate with a bloody sheet covering his face. They saw part of a broken fan, cable wire from a TV and pencils on the bed. When the sheet was removed, they would discover one pencil had been jammed into the inmate’s eye.

As the officers called for more backup, Drain got on his knees downstairs and put his hands in the air. Joel Drain, 38, during his death penalty trial in Warren County on Monday, May 18, 2020. Drain is accused of killing another inmate at the Warren Correctional Institution last year. (Photo: Meg Vogel / The Enquirer) When he woke […]

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