Danielle Tyler, 18, of Taneytown, right, and Heather Grogg, 33, of Westminster have been murdered, according to a criminal complaint filed Monday in Berkeley County, West Virginia. The mystery of what happened to two Carroll County women missing since April 6 appears to have ended in tragedy in West Virginia.

Danielle Tyler, 18, of Taneytown and Heather Grogg, 33, of Westminster were murdered, according to a criminal complaint filed Monday in Berkeley County.

The complaint charges April Lynn Braner, 37, of Falling Waters, West Virginia, with first-degree murder and conspiracy to commit murder, according to the complaint. A sheriff’s office detective alleges Braner knowingly allowed her home to be used as the site where Tyler and Grogg were killed, and provided one of the murder weapons, a plastic bag.

Braner is being held without bond in Berkeley County. In West Virginia, a conviction on the murder carries a sentence of life in prison. She elected to hire an attorney to represent her, according to the complaint. It was not clear Tuesday whether she had hired an attorney.

The charges against Braner and the deaths of both Tyler and Grogg are connected with an altercation that began in Westminster on March 17, and allegedly ended in another killing in West Virginia. That evening, Jonathan Riddle of Taneytown visited Grogg at the Westminster home of David Sanford and Emily Day, where Grogg babysat the couple’s children.

Also present at Sanford and Day’s home, police say, were John Black III of Taneytown, Monroe Merrell of Westminster and […]

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