For almost three years since he published his first story on Harvey Weinstein, Ronan Farrow has risen to become one of America’s premier investigative journalists – both feared and adored among elite circles.

Aged just 32 he has a Pulitzer Prize to his name, a best-selling book under his belt, and can lay claim to helping start the #MeToo movement which brought down a string of powerful men – most significantly Weinstein, who was jailed for sex assault and rape earlier this year.

The son of Woody Allen and Mia Farrow, he began his journalistic career with op-eds and columns before moving into TV news and eventually hard-nosed investigative reporting for network NBC – jumping ship to the New Yorker magazine in 2017 after accusing his old employer of trying to bury his reporting on Weinstein.

But serious questions are now being asked about some of his reporting – from #MeToo to the Russia -gate scandal – with holes being picked in some of his most compelling narratives.

Matt Lauer, a former star anchor of Farrow’s old network NBC and one of the men accused of rape in his reporting, described his work this week as ‘shoddy journalism.’ Ronan Farrow (left in 2019 at Time magazine’s 100 most inflential people gala, and right with prominent #MeToo figure Rose McGowan) has risen to prominence thanks to his reporting for the New Yorker, starting with his expose of Harvey Weinstein

The allegations, detailed at length in a column in the New York Times , include that […]

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