They’re not charging him because of the recording, of course. The state’s entire case rests on that footage.

They’re charging him because he allegedly followed Arbery in his own car after he saw Greg and Travis McMichael take off after him. Although “follow” is an exceedingly polite way of describing what he did, if you believe the police report.

Critics have spent weeks demanding that William “Roddie” Bryan join the McMichaels in jail. Yesterday they got their wish . In a news release, the GBI said it charged Bryan with felony murder and criminal attempt to commit false imprisonment …

“Right now, we know that he recorded this video from a very close proximity. According to his attorney, he was home one minute and within minutes, he was behind Ahmaud Arbery with his cellphone, recording his ambush,” Arbery family attorney Lee Merritt said during an appearance on the “Tamron Hall Show” Monday.

“His response to this very loud, violent shotgun shots repeatedly, and someone being murdered in front of him, was silence. He just kept recording. You didn’t hear him gasp. He didn’t cut off the camera. He didn’t intervene. He didn’t honk his horn. And we believe that is because he knew what was about to happen, and he played a role in it.” With no trace of irony, Bryan’s lawyer responded by insisting that his client is innocent and lamenting that he’s receiving death threats. Please stop saying and doing things that “put a target on his back,” he begged Merritt.

Because […]

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